Sunday, April 10, 2016


The City, Cleveland Ohio, the place Parma Ohio, the largest suburb of Cleveland. It was night watch and it was opening day for the Cleveland Indians. 40,000 people were expected at the stadium. Mother nature had different plans. Rain , 35 degrees and wind howling off Lake Erie at 30 mi per hr.

Two hours before the first pitch Cleveland cancels the home opener. The bars and sports bars that line the neighborhood around Progressive Field got jammed real quick. A certain couple I know got dressed up, He was an Indian Chief and his girlfriend was Pochantas. They were driving on State RT 94. They hit the road at about 9am in the morning arriving in Downtown about 10am. 

There were many places open and ready to go. East 4th Street was jammed with people. Eventually bar hopping was the routine for the day since there was no baseball that day. Around 12:45 am someone reported hearing noises. I was on patrol that night on Rt 94 and happened to see a man and a woman dressed Indians. I slowed down. I saw the man talking to his neighbor and the neighbor looked like he was laughing. I was headed north so I could stop and watch what I knew was going to happen. 

It was obvious that the Indian Chief locked himself out of the house. To my amazement the chief karate kicks his storm door in which had a 6 foot by 3 foot Piece of Glass in it. I laughed so hard I almost pissed myself.  Needless to say that Day cost him $600.00 for the storm door and 2 box seat tickets and probably 5 bucks a beer and cost him a small fortune for being DRUNK AND STUPID!

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