Saturday, August 13, 2016


I do not usually talk about this stuff on line but I feel a sense of duty to say something about this. Have any of you noticed the financial mess we as a country are in. You know about the debt, we all do but there are some really serious problems, you are not aware of. Don't feel bad but 95% of the population hasn't a clue. Notice at the gas pump, the prices are dropping, This duh moment here, is that the supply is increasing exponentially because we are not driving as much as we did. Supply is high so prices go down. It makes sense doesn't it. Since we are using less gas and the balance sheets of the oil companies are dropping like a rock (profits), again makes sense. WHY then are the stock prices skyrocketing. Again we are being had. Sounds like another ENRON coming. The stock market is at an all time high, but trust me when I tell you there will be a major correction. Once this oil bursts and since we are so energy dependent. people will lose their asses because when the energy bubble bursts(and it will), Stocks will crash, bonds will crash (they are already in the dumpster) and real-estate will drop again. What do you do? Silver is the choice because of the low supply, high demand and reasonable prices. Gold is good for stability .Just take a look and check out some of the professional analysts that DO NOT SELL PRECIOUS METALS I am getting off my soap box now..

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Friday, June 24, 2016


Hello again, sorry for the long delay but Cleveland is exploding with 3 world championships, the Republican National Convention and even the Cleveland Indians are in first place 3 games up! Cleveland is no more "The Mistake on the Lake"  ( FYI 3 World Champions???) Yes #1 The UFC Champion lives here, The Lake Erie Monsters, Calder Cup Minor League World Champions and The Cleveland Cavaliers!!!

Cleveland is one hell of a city that came from the ashes of the 70's, 80's to the place it is now and there is no stopping Cleveland. Cleveland is coming up fast. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is here. The Cleveland Science Center is here and the Metropolitan's 9 is here,

This city has had so much construction done, it is beyond amazing. Nothing like this has happened since the 1960's  Cleveland is now the Great Place on the Lake! If you do not believe me, stop by and take a look. 1.2 million people live in Cuyahoga County (where Cleveland is located) and 1.3 million people were here for the Cavs parade. What does that tell you 100,000 people came form somewhere else just to get in on the fun! CLEVELAND ROCKS!!!!

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Sunday, April 10, 2016


The City, Cleveland Ohio, the place Parma Ohio, the largest suburb of Cleveland. It was night watch and it was opening day for the Cleveland Indians. 40,000 people were expected at the stadium. Mother nature had different plans. Rain , 35 degrees and wind howling off Lake Erie at 30 mi per hr.

Two hours before the first pitch Cleveland cancels the home opener. The bars and sports bars that line the neighborhood around Progressive Field got jammed real quick. A certain couple I know got dressed up, He was an Indian Chief and his girlfriend was Pochantas. They were driving on State RT 94. They hit the road at about 9am in the morning arriving in Downtown about 10am. 

There were many places open and ready to go. East 4th Street was jammed with people. Eventually bar hopping was the routine for the day since there was no baseball that day. Around 12:45 am someone reported hearing noises. I was on patrol that night on Rt 94 and happened to see a man and a woman dressed Indians. I slowed down. I saw the man talking to his neighbor and the neighbor looked like he was laughing. I was headed north so I could stop and watch what I knew was going to happen. 

It was obvious that the Indian Chief locked himself out of the house. To my amazement the chief karate kicks his storm door in which had a 6 foot by 3 foot Piece of Glass in it. I laughed so hard I almost pissed myself.  Needless to say that Day cost him $600.00 for the storm door and 2 box seat tickets and probably 5 bucks a beer and cost him a small fortune for being DRUNK AND STUPID!

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Wednesday, March 9, 2016


A few weeks ago I go a call from a person who checked on a wedding date for us to do a video of their wedding and reception. It was on a holiday weekend, Most of out holiday weekends are booked solid. She sounded nice. I looked at the weekend and found a way that we could get them in.

I told her I could do this for them. I asked her to come in to the studio and we would do up the contracts. She felt that she was to busy to come in to see us since she was maybe at the most 50 miles from here. I have had couples come in from as far away as San Francisco to meet us and do the contract, face to face. Of course they had a ton of things to do here in Cleveland.

So this person opted to do the booking through the mail (USPS). This is fine, I have done a ton of those without any issues. I sent the contract out and the document was signed. In this returned envelope there was a signed contract with a letter stating that it was extremely unprofessional to ask to be put on the guest list and stated the she did it because we were the most reasonable priced company. It was the most arrogant, rude and obnoxious letter I have ever received in any aspect of my life, business, or otherwise

There are 2 diabetics on our staff that MUST eat because they take insulin. Take insulin and do not eat, you can go into hypoglycemic shock which can be deadly. This was all explained in this letter. I include this in the contract so all can be safe medically and liability wise. That letter blew my mind. I immediately rejected the signed copy and sent her deposit back certified, return receipt. What kind of person is this, that would rather see someone drop over than to feed them at the reception.

I got a e-mail thanking me for refunding the deposit so quickly and the she had  hired another "higher priced" video company and that they felt my actions were so unprofessional and that I should take snacks with me, to eat those. What a fucking moron! Snacks are the reason 90% of  the diabetics of the world are diabetics. Diabetics need to eat balanced meals, not to pig out on snacks! Then she said she was going to tell all her vendors how unprofessional we are. I cannot imagine dealing with these unbelievable  ignorant and stupid inbeciles. I am so glad we are out of the dog and pony show. I hope their wedding crashes and burns. I am getting off my soap box now!

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Friday, March 4, 2016


I THOUGHT I SAW IT ALL AND HEARD IT ALL! I must say that this presidential campaign has been the best ever in my life. My dad was an avid television politics watcher. Obviously I saw every one of the Conventions and debates since I can remember. Nothing in my life time has ever surpassed this  campaign. This is hilarious, laugh out loud funny.  Where is Andrew Dice Clay when you need him!

I mean what has happened to this campaign when two so called adult men start bragging about their penis sizes. Yes Penis sizes. Who has got the biggest penis? Gotta wonder who has the biggest penis? Is it "little Marco Rubio" or is it John Kasich or TRUMP! Who gives a shit!  but it makes for good comedy if nothing else.

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Thursday, February 25, 2016


Hello Everybody!

This is the first post of many. What is this blog all about. Everything and anything. I will post my feeling on a whole bunch of topics ranging from the world to sports, cars music, sex, politics,crime pets and much more. I have so much to say and nowhere really to say it. I encourage you to respond whether you agree with me or not.

A little bit about me. I am from Cleveland Ohio. I lived in Cleveland for 17yrs, went to St Charles Elementary School and them to Padua. If you want to read the entire story of my  early years. I have published a book called Adoptee-A Childhood of Torment. Early on in my senior year (1971),my mom moved our family to Reading, Pa. I stayed there until 2010. My family moved back to Parma, a suburb of Cleveland.  I a run a Video Production and Photography company which I started in 1982.

Why do I want to do this, because there are a lot of things I want to talk about and just cannot elaborate on Facebook, Twitter Et al. This should be interesting...

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Tuesday, February 23, 2016


I was not born in Reading Pennsylvania. I was born and raised in Cleveland Ohio as documented in the book Adoptee-A Childhood of Torment. Reading was a vacation spot for my family, since my Mother was born there. I had few relatives in Cleveland since my Dads side really did not bother or care much about anything other than my Dads two brothers and one sister Thresa, Mike and Benny.

On my Moms side we could fill a average sized party center. We had a 50th wedding anniversary party for my moms one sister with over 250 guests, a family only affair. In 1971 my Moms eyes needed to be operated on. She chose Reading Pennsylvania, her home town to have the surgery done. 1971 was the year I moved to Reading Pa. Coming from a city at that time had over 1 million people living there to a town that boasts of approximately 80,000 people, it felt like Mayberry RFD.

To a city kid like me, this was all good. Reading was a beautiful town.  I loved it. To me everything was within walking distance. No more Rapid Transit, High Speed lines and no more rush hour. The country was 2 minutes away. Everything about this place I loved, Reading Pa was the best of the best! I ended up going to Penn State and you know it, there was a satellite campus 5 minutes away. I stayed there until 2010. I thought I had found my permanent home and retirement home all in one.

There were times when I left Reading to pursue education, a year in Phoenix Arizona and 4 yrs in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. I even spent some time living in Lancaster Pa. I always returned to Reading for various reasons, most of which was my Mom and her failing health.  Dad died in 1974 so he was not part of the pictures since I was 20 when he passed away.

I was so happy being in Reading that I actually took pictures of different things in and around the city and sent them to my friends in Cleveland to show them what a gem this city was. You could actually walk around at night in Reading without fear. Those were the days.

Today, Reading is a shell of what it used to be. Gangs, murder and all types of quality of life issues became the norm. The older folks passed away. Their heirs sold the properties to absentee landlords, who cared only about the money. Politicians tried in vain to stop this decline. The city of Reading at one point recently was in danger of being taken over by the state. Corruption through out city hall was rampant.  A few months before a murder to let left of my house about 150 ft away, a young teenage girl shot and killed her ex-boyfriend,  we saw a ton of cops and flashing lights down near the Amanda Stoudt Elementary school. My neighbor Mike and I walked down to see what was going on down there. There must have been over a hundred people watching. Mike and I saw a 3 or 4 yr old boy pull his pants down, and proceeded to pee and poop on the sidewalk with his mom standing there watching him! Mike said to me, this has turned into a 3rd world country. Boarded up and burned out homes peppered the neighbor. I said to the mother,  do you know what toilets are for. I walked away saddened to what this beautiful city had become.

I talked at length with my wife and we determined that this city could never recover from the decay.
It was time to leave this once wonderful city known as Reading Pa. I was not ready to leave just yet, but when the teenage girl shot and killed her ex-boyfriend less than 500 ft from my front door, that was it. I got a truck, got some friends and we loaded up the truck and left for Cleveland.

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