Saturday, August 13, 2016


I do not usually talk about this stuff on line but I feel a sense of duty to say something about this. Have any of you noticed the financial mess we as a country are in. You know about the debt, we all do but there are some really serious problems, you are not aware of. Don't feel bad but 95% of the population hasn't a clue. Notice at the gas pump, the prices are dropping, This duh moment here, is that the supply is increasing exponentially because we are not driving as much as we did. Supply is high so prices go down. It makes sense doesn't it. Since we are using less gas and the balance sheets of the oil companies are dropping like a rock (profits), again makes sense. WHY then are the stock prices skyrocketing. Again we are being had. Sounds like another ENRON coming. The stock market is at an all time high, but trust me when I tell you there will be a major correction. Once this oil bursts and since we are so energy dependent. people will lose their asses because when the energy bubble bursts(and it will), Stocks will crash, bonds will crash (they are already in the dumpster) and real-estate will drop again. What do you do? Silver is the choice because of the low supply, high demand and reasonable prices. Gold is good for stability .Just take a look and check out some of the professional analysts that DO NOT SELL PRECIOUS METALS I am getting off my soap box now..

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