Friday, June 24, 2016


Hello again, sorry for the long delay but Cleveland is exploding with 3 world championships, the Republican National Convention and even the Cleveland Indians are in first place 3 games up! Cleveland is no more "The Mistake on the Lake"  ( FYI 3 World Champions???) Yes #1 The UFC Champion lives here, The Lake Erie Monsters, Calder Cup Minor League World Champions and The Cleveland Cavaliers!!!

Cleveland is one hell of a city that came from the ashes of the 70's, 80's to the place it is now and there is no stopping Cleveland. Cleveland is coming up fast. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is here. The Cleveland Science Center is here and the Metropolitan's 9 is here,

This city has had so much construction done, it is beyond amazing. Nothing like this has happened since the 1960's  Cleveland is now the Great Place on the Lake! If you do not believe me, stop by and take a look. 1.2 million people live in Cuyahoga County (where Cleveland is located) and 1.3 million people were here for the Cavs parade. What does that tell you 100,000 people came form somewhere else just to get in on the fun! CLEVELAND ROCKS!!!!

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