Wednesday, March 9, 2016


A few weeks ago I go a call from a person who checked on a wedding date for us to do a video of their wedding and reception. It was on a holiday weekend, Most of out holiday weekends are booked solid. She sounded nice. I looked at the weekend and found a way that we could get them in.

I told her I could do this for them. I asked her to come in to the studio and we would do up the contracts. She felt that she was to busy to come in to see us since she was maybe at the most 50 miles from here. I have had couples come in from as far away as San Francisco to meet us and do the contract, face to face. Of course they had a ton of things to do here in Cleveland.

So this person opted to do the booking through the mail (USPS). This is fine, I have done a ton of those without any issues. I sent the contract out and the document was signed. In this returned envelope there was a signed contract with a letter stating that it was extremely unprofessional to ask to be put on the guest list and stated the she did it because we were the most reasonable priced company. It was the most arrogant, rude and obnoxious letter I have ever received in any aspect of my life, business, or otherwise

There are 2 diabetics on our staff that MUST eat because they take insulin. Take insulin and do not eat, you can go into hypoglycemic shock which can be deadly. This was all explained in this letter. I include this in the contract so all can be safe medically and liability wise. That letter blew my mind. I immediately rejected the signed copy and sent her deposit back certified, return receipt. What kind of person is this, that would rather see someone drop over than to feed them at the reception.

I got a e-mail thanking me for refunding the deposit so quickly and the she had  hired another "higher priced" video company and that they felt my actions were so unprofessional and that I should take snacks with me, to eat those. What a fucking moron! Snacks are the reason 90% of  the diabetics of the world are diabetics. Diabetics need to eat balanced meals, not to pig out on snacks! Then she said she was going to tell all her vendors how unprofessional we are. I cannot imagine dealing with these unbelievable  ignorant and stupid inbeciles. I am so glad we are out of the dog and pony show. I hope their wedding crashes and burns. I am getting off my soap box now!

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