Saturday, February 6, 2016


How many times have you watched a TV program and of course it is a reality TV show. This is so silly it is laughable, Ever since Janet Jackson had the top ripped off during the halftime show at the Super Bowl. The network censors have jumped off the bridge. Breasts are fine to show, but not the nipples, Butts are fine to show, but not the "crack". Foul language is rampant on TV but the idiot running the camera has a close up of the person cursing and a third grader can read the lips. When is this silliness going to stop.

In case you did not know, women do not have nipples, butts do not have cracks and You Mother F------ doesnt end after mother. Really??  They have finally stopped using the bleep but the bad words are muted so it becomes You Mother ***** did your A** H**** of a C*** S*****  get a job yet? We all know now that the sentence sounds like this "You mother of a get a job yet."Confused I am.. What should be done if the censors are going to sensor something,  change the words to instead of MFer,  to  maybe " idiot" and so on. This kind of language is not necessary. Just imagine the Sporanos with the F word removed. One liner stands out was when Paulie Walnuts said to some schlep out of 5 words in one sentence 4 forms of the F Bomb were used. The only word that was able to be used on Networks was YOU!  Imagine this Walnuts saying Screw you, you screwed screwball.

They have to come up with something better.

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