Sunday, January 31, 2016


Well it is finally here, the 2016 Presidential Race Officially begins. Who cares.. Lets look at this, OH by the way this is NOT a political blog, just so happens its tomorrow. Ok Trump is an assholes, asshole, an ogre and a bombastic idiot. He can never loose, He was the kid that brought the baseball and bat, struck out a few times and in true fashion he takes his bat and ball home. Hillary Clinton is a liar, an elitist, a true bullshit artist saying exactly what the people want to hear and is trustworthy as hungry venomous snake.

I feel in my heart of hearts that these 2 useless idiots will be the nominees
 at the end of both conventions. Just in case that doesn't happen. Bernie Sanders is an old goat and I would be more concerned about who the VP candidate will be, in case the oldest fart in this race croaks. The rest of the pile, well I think the best choice will be Kasich. I live in Ohio and he is doing a good job here. The democrats,  who knows and who cares. We need a republican in the white house. Obama , well since he did not do a dam thing. I guess I will name him the Pet Rock. What does a Pet Rock (by the way they sold millions of them) do NOTHING!

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