Tuesday, February 16, 2016


I was a  Doberman lover since I was a kid. I always wanted a dog, any dog for that matter but Mom said NO! NO DOGS. She said to me that when I got older and had a place of my own that I could get a dog. I did just that, My first dog I got was a rescue from a local ASPCA, It was a German Shepherd. She was about 10 months old.

I know nothing about dogs other than you feed them, walk them and clean up their messes. That was it. I was a fast learner, unfortunately this dog was my guinea pig, something like Mikey from the cereal commercials, "He likes it". I used that as my model to care for this poor dog,  She survived for 15 years.

One day I was driving along a state highway and saw this pet store/ kennel. I stopped in to see what they had inside. I was greeted by a million dogs barking at me. They were cute puppies! I was not to happy with the way my Shepherd protected us. I even tried to get her trained by a certified Police K-9 officer, All he did was shake his head and said you have the best attack licker I ever saw. She would attack with tongue first, tail wagging.

This pet store owner told me I needed a Doberman. I saw her adults and they were exactly what I wanted. I did not buy anything that day. I went to the local weekly newspaper, everyone gets one of those, full of local interests stories, and classifieds. I went right to the pets section and found someone who had to move and had a free to good home ad for a Doberman. I went and got her. She was 9 months old and this was the dog I wanted. She was perfect.

Jump 30 yrs later and last March we lost my best Doberman ever.  My wife and I were so attached to this dog when he died, we said no more, never again.  Shadow came in to our place mid January. Shadow was born on an Amish farm. When we first saw here she was so full of herself and cute, who could resist her. We took her home. She had a gag type of cough once we got home and her first poop was bloody. Right to the Vets she went. They found a dangerous parasite in her and with medication the poop became normal, but not the cough. She had received her shots and the kennel cough vaccination. The Vet figured the cough was from the kennel cough vaccination, because it is given through the nose.

The next day she looked like she was dead, We got her up and took her to the Vets and they put her in the hospital for 2 days. Make a long story short. she came back home and for 1 day, She was herself again.  The next day she was not moving. This time she was whisked off to a hospital near Akron. She was put into the ICU and was operated on that day.   A few days in the hospital and she is home again. She seems ok so far. Lets hope she doesn't relapse. Does anybody have a rich uncle! The Dog days move along.

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